Le 15 octobre 2020, Marie, assistante de langue qui arrive d’Afrique du Sud, s’est présentée aux élèves de 3ème3.

Les élèves de 3ème3 ont rédigé son portrait, en anglais !

Marie, notre assistante de langue s'est présentée aux 3ème3
Marie, notre assistante de langue s’est présentée aux 3ème3

Marie, our South African langage assistant

Yesterday, we met our new langage assistant, Marie Mjacu. She flew for eleven hours to arrive in Paris. She has been in France for two weeks, and she will stay for 7 months. She works in Collège Max Jacob and in Lycée Chaptal. She will visit all the classes in our school.

Les 3ème3 et Marie, notre assistante de langues
Les 3ème3 et Marie, notre assistante de langues

She is 22 years-old, she comes from South Africa, from the province of KwaZulu Natal. She grew up in Pietermaritzburg, near Lesotho.

She has one white cat, Duchess, and one big black and brown dog, Bruno. They are very cute. She has two sisters. Her mother is an English teacher and her father translates documents from English to Afrikaan and Zulu.

She studied far from home, southwest of the country, in Stellenbosch university, so she had to stay in a boarding school. She did international studies, that is why she can speak Afrikaan, Zulu, English and a little French.

Marie et les 3ème3
Marie et les 3ème3

She had never been to France before, but she has been to Lesotho, Australia, Italy, Germany… She lives in Quimper with another English assistant. She finds Quimper beautiful but very diffrent from South Africa.

She thinks she is friendly, honest and loyal. She likes dancing with her friends and listening to music. She enjoys Billie Eilish. She has Netflix, she watched Stranger Things, she is crazy about romantic comedies and dramas, but she can’t bear horror films. She also loves elephants, she even played football with an elephant in a reservation during a field trip !

We gave her some advice : she should see the beautiful beaches of Brittany, she should eat Kouign Ammann and other Breton specialties and she also should visit the Pointe du Raz and the fortified town of Concarneau. She should try sailing and surfing in La Torche.

We are so happy to have met her, she is really nice and lively.

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