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English in Action

Mardi 16 avril, le collège a une nouvelle fois accueilli la compagnie anglophone V.O pour une séance de théâtre en anglais.

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theatre en anglais - création du storyboard 01

Tous les élèves de 6e, répartis en trois groupes, ont pu pratiquer l’anglais de manière ludique en créant, en compagnie de Suzy Taylor et d’Andrew Zec, leur propre pièce de théâtre.

« Engllish in Action », ou comment, en une heure, découvrir une activité de théâtre, inventer une histoire, la mettre en scène et la jouer !

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theatre en anglais - création du storyboard 02

Les élèves, ravis, ont participé activement et ont applaudi leurs courageux camarades qui ont joué une pièce autour du thème de « The Witch ».

Deux des histoires inventées lors de cette après-midi :

« The Witch - group 1 »

"Gertrude Gerard is Chinese. She is 200 years old. She’s tall, strong and ugly. She has a big pointed nose, big blue eyes and a big mouth with four black teeth. She has got long curly green hair. She’s elegant, in a long black dress. She likes to transform girls into monkeys. She uses a potion to do so.

The scene takes place in winter, on a Sunday at 5pm. Gertrude is in her castle in London. She has a boyfriend named Jack. He is young and sexy. He is with her for her money.

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theatre en anglais - with Jack, the boyfriend

On that day, she is in her bathroom while Jack is cooking a pizza. He makes a pizza with chocolate, cheese, tomato and banana. Gertrude is grumpy and doesn’t want to come out of her bath.

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theatre en anglais - in the bath

When she comes to the kitchen and tastes the pizza, she spits it out because it’s disgusting. Jack is upset.

She then goes into the toilets to make a magic potion. She uses a bat, a mouse, a cat and a dog, taken from her polite fridge. She says « Zoom Badaboum » !

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theatre en anglais - making potion in the toilets
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theatre en anglais - the polite fridge

She then goes to a shoe shop in central London, on a broom with Jack. She tries on some high heels, but she doesn’t like them. Jack is bored.

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theatre en anglais - shopping for shoes

So she chooses five girls to transform them into monkeys.

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theatre en anglais - girls turned into monkeys

The shop assistants are so frightened that they hide in the toilets. The parents are scared too and follow them."

The Witch - group 3

Rebecca Potatoe is French, but she lives in Asia. She has got a big house in Hong Kong.
She is 25, she is beautiful and fashionable. She is tall and she has got long black hair and red eyes. She is wearing a red top, orange jeans and pink ballerina pumps.
Her husband is Jean-Pierre, he is 99 years-old but he is sexy and very rich. He doesn’t love Rebecca, he is afraid of her ! Rebecca loves him for his money.

It’s 9 a.m. on a Monday in winter, Rebecca is at home. She is getting dressed and she is putting on make-up. She wants a hamburger for her breakfast, but it is not good ; so finally she has a kebab.

Rebecca likes transforming boys into monsters with potions. She makes potions in the microwave : she puts in a snake, a frog, a big fish and a cat.

She goes to a cinema by helicopter. When the helicopter crashes, Jean-Pierre dies, but Rebecca is very happy. There is Twilight on the screen at the cinema, but she thinks it is boring.
She transforms five boys into monsters with her potions, the audience is scared. Happily, Gerard Depardieu arrives, he jumps on the witch and he squashes her. She is dead.
Gerard Depardieu becomes the President !